Last War Update – War #5

This week we congratulate Solamnia for winning its first war. Attendance was an all time high after kicking inactive players after last war and that was the main reason for winning this time; nonetheless we still have attendance issues in both war fighting clans (Solamnia and Pax Tarkas, Xak Tsaroth hasn’t reached the number of people necessary to wage war yet). Solamnia had 20% inactive members in this war, plus another 16% who only fought one battle. This was the reason why we lost the previous war, so participation with both attacks is not only necessary but mandatory. Members can be excused from time to time as long as they communicate promptly. Communication is key under all matters.
Solamnia won 49-17. Pretty much we scared the enemy right away with 3-star attacks and they lost motivation.

War in Pax Tarkas went south. This clan has already won 3 wars and this would have been an easy victory but the level of non-participation and 1 battle only was extremely high, unacceptably high. 16 people only battled once, 8 did not participate at all. The war was lost 63-100.

So that everyone knows, I am taking attendance of both participation as well as who doesn’t battle both wars. Members who act like that are condemning the whole clan and making everyone waste resources. I really don’t like threats, and I expect everyone to act maturely, but I will have to kick people out for being inactive (as well as not donating as per the Rules).

Clan Wars Requests

It is no news that Solamnia is having problems winning a war and attitudes need to change, this is also valid for Pax Tarkas. When a leader or co-leader sends a request via Clan Message (the one you get in the game inbox) that request must be obeyed.
Today’s request by me to have only dragons and wizards in war castles was ignored by members of both clans an we found plenty castles with archers, barbarians and even giants. If we do not have strong defenses we will lose stars to the enemy and when that happens we risk losing the war and with that a huge loot. That loot can be as much as 1 million of each resources if we do a good job.
Because we have many new members and even many old ones who are not familiar with the clan rules I am making it a requirement to read both Rules and War Strategy Rules.

Please head to the Rules page and to the Strategy page, read the content and leave a comment with your name (something like: “I’ve read it – BrightBlade”). This is mandatory so that we are all on the same page. You have 7 days to do that, after the 7 days I will have to talk to all those who have not signed and if necessary kick them out of the clan.
I’m sorry that it’s coming to this, but we all need to be acting like a Clan. I put a lot of hours in our clan; some people could not access Facebook or the Line app so I spent money to buy this domain name and hours to create this website. I care about you as much as wanting to lead you to become the #1 Clan, return the favor by staying updated with what we do. Thank you!


Congrats Pax Tarkas

Congratulations to Pax Tarkas on their 3rd War Victory. With about 82% attendance Pax Tarkas scored 81 – 56 against the enemy clan.

The following were in the war but did not participate, please don’t miss the next war:
Tony, 69, Kavemann, Jax, ShayShay, Jair Martinez, Pinky, Jpayne, Jace Ace

The New Clan is Here !!

Originally I had planned to create our 3rd clan toward the end of this year, but the continued success of Pax Tarkas (completely full and active for a long time) has forced us not to wait any longer, so without any further ado please welcome to our family Xak Tsaroth. Angel (Angel the Great) will be leading the new clan for the time being. Anyone with a second account is welcome to move it to Xak Tsaroth. Clans Rules will be updated to reflect the three active clans.


Hello Solamnia and Pax Tarkas !!

Hello Clan Mates

This will be our main website. It’s a bit rushed right now but we will fill it up with all sort of good stuff !!

Pardon the dust, I will work on it. For now please don’t leave comments here as they would most likely be erased, I’ll let you know when you can.
Use the menu above¬†to navigate (some pages don’t work yet) and don’t forget to check Pixy’s War Strategy!

Have fun and… YAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Yours truly