Congratulations Xak Tsaroth

Xak Tsaroth has grown in very little time from a tiny clan to be used as overflow for Pax Tarkas to a full and very active clan with highly motivated players. I think both its big brothers, Pax Tarkas and Solamnia, have much to learn from the motivation of our brothers and sisters there. Xak Tsaroth has won, so far, 8 wars out of 10 (and one tie) and the level of war participation is by far the highest of all clans. So please join me congratulating our youngest clan for a very well done job.



And there were FOUR… Welcome our new clan: HEROES’ REST

Yes, you read it right! Our family has grown to 4 with the addition of our latest and brand new clan: Heroes’ Rest.

Since the Clan Wars started we’ve had the need for a parking space for those who cannot be active during the war, or cannot be active in general. As I always said, I try to be reasonable and I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of kicking someone out for being inactive and missing a war or two, so this should solve the problem. This also means that now it’s up to you to be proactive and park your account here. When you join, please leave a message in clan chat saying: Hello I’m from… (Solamnia, Pax Tarkas, Xak Tsaroth).

Ffynn was kind enough to leave Solamnia for a while and get this clan started. Now if you cannot participate in a war, or need to be absent for an extended period of time all we ask you to do is to move to this new clan. The rules are the same as our other clans (behavior, etc.) with the exception that you do not need to be active. Once you’re ready to rejoin your original clan you can do that at any time. If your original clan is full please talk to one of the Leaders or Co-Leaders.
Thank You!


Congratulations Solamnia, Pax Tarkas and Xak Tsaroth!

We started 2 wars at the same time in Solamnia and Pax Tarkas, while Xak Tsaroth had just finished one. Solamnia and Pax Tarkas won by a large margin, partly due to better participation as well as refining our attack strategy. Xak Tsaroth’s war ended in a draw, which is considered a victory as far as war bonus goes. Xak Tsaroth has had the highest participation of all 3 clans, so let’s give our brothers and sisters there a big round of applause. I ask you that you please keep reading our Strategy page as well as the Forum part dedicated to strategy so we can all be on the same page and act like a unit. On the bright side the new game update brings a few much needed features, including a new base design dedicated exclusively for the wars, so not more forgetting those Town Halls outside 🙂 The base design can be accessed during Preparation Day only and will remain the same for all following wars unless you wish to change it.
Keep Up the good work guys! RideWyoming / Brightblade

Congratulations solamnia on war win

We had much better participation in this venture which is what helped secure a solid victory. We still did not have 100% attack usage which is something we will need if we are going to continue winning. For those who did not use both attacks please do so in the future. and for those who didn’t attack at all please leave during wars if you know you won’t be able to participate. We will need your help to carry people like me who failed to produce even one star. I assure you I am working on my troops and strategies to improve. Congratulations and thanks again to all.

PS please move your clan castles inside prior to war we give up stars for little effort if we don’t

War Participation

Please evaluate your bases for strength of defense. You can Google base designs for your town hall level to get ideas, there are thousands of them out there.
Please do this ASAP, we need to make sure that this is done so if an opponent gets stars on us in a war those are earned and not given away by us.
Please do not leave TH outside of defensive walls it costs u greatly when this is done.

If you are not going to be able to participate in an upcoming war please leave and visit Pax Tarkas or Xak Tsaroth at least until the war has started. This will help a lot and please use both of your attacks when at war. I would like to see us institute a check in system through the website prior to wars and work it so that if you are not active and don’t respond within an appropriate amount of time to war notices you are kicked from the clan on a temporary basis with a message telling you that you are welcome back as soon as war has started. That way we can ensure 100% participation hopefully without causing discord among our clan. Please check the website, Line, and clan mail daily for messages and updates. Thank You!

Strategy: How to Win This?

Clan Mates,
Please look at this base. During the last war it was attacked 7 times by 7 different members of our clan. The best result was one star. Please discuss in the comments what kind of strategy you would use (what troops, etc.) The war castle contains Level 5 Wizards.
I’m still having a hard time understanding how 7 people could fail attacking what looks like a weak base:

Lost Battle 1

A word about Clan Wars…

I’ve been reading around the Clash of Clans forums and their Facebook page and I see mixed feeling about the Clan Wars: some love them, some hate them. Some old time members left a clan because they didn’t like to go to war, other clans kicked out longtime members for the same reasons. Clan wars can be tough but I think when we all play they bring us together. It’s not a big effort, but it is a bit of an effort nonetheless. You need to fight 2 battles in a 24 hours span. What’s the big deal? None right?
We have been discussing strategies a lot but most members in all clans are missing it. We get together in the clan chat and decide who attacks who, it makes it more fun and increases our chances to win. So if you don’t usually do it, why not stop by, say hi and talk war? Ultimately our clans are all about long term standing, we aim to become the #1 Clan among all. If you love this idea then be active, if you don’t and you’re in Solamnia perhaps you are better off in another of our two clans or perhaps it’s time to say goodbye. Clash of Clans was always about clans and it takes a team work attitude to play, if this is not you perhaps it’s better for you to play on your own outside of a clan; but if this is you, we are working hard together to have fun and get stronger and kick some enemy clans butt.

Login now available

Our website (this one) now allows you to create a login so you can participate in our forums. There are some set categories in the forums to keep things in order (like, every clan has its own forum). Let’s start some conversation!

The login and account creation link is on the right hand menu.