A Quick Update…

Hello guys,

I realize it’s been a while since my last post, and the other co-leaders have not gotten into the habit of writing here yet (but I will make them, under penalty of torture, or I’ll feed them to the hogs, hehehe). There are a few issues that need to be addressed, so please be patient as we solve them little by little. First of all we are a family of about 120 now, which means communication can be a problem, the best place to get clan info is right here, second you should monitor the clan chatrooms on the Line app (I’m shocked at how many people still don’t even know it exists, there is no excuse for that, especially for co-leaders) and of course read the Clan messages inside the game.

I have some pretty valuable help in Xak Tsaroth, the little clan that has grown very quickly and very motivated, I’m forever grateful for that. Word is, though, that Xak Tsaroth is not too happy about the way we do things, I think mostly because we let the clans run wild for a tad too long. So, my friends in Xak Tsaroth (Park Tarkas, you listen as well) we have one goal, and one only: Solamnia will become one day the strongest clan of them all, it will raise to #1 in the entire Clash of Clans universe, and you are part of it. That’s why we created feeder clans, because we had too many members for a single clan. Don’t be mad if you’re asked to move up, or if you see your friends moving, take that as an honor, it’s part of our strategy.

It’s very hard to recruit good and loyal members from outside, by the time one reaches level 70 probably they already have made friends in a clan or another; the best way for us is to promote from within. We need mobility, so that we can all get better. That was the reason why we decided to have the option to visit our sister clans: lower members can visit up to get troops and meet the rest of the family, stronger members can visit down to give troops and meet the rest of the family or see old friends in the clan they came from. The LINE chatrooms also allow us to get to chat with members of all 3 clans, again, to make new friends, as well as be updated on what’s going on.
So, in short you will see a lot more mobility, and your individual goal should be to get stronger so you can move up. With that taken into consideration I’m reinstating the transfers between clans, but whereas (I will update Clan Rules later) we allowed seniors to move down and stay as long as they wanted, while juniors could go up for maximum 24 hours the 24 hours rule is now in effect for everyone, with a one week cool-off period. This will eliminate abuse as well as ensure that if someone is in a war that person will return tho his or her original clan in time to fight.

Solamnia Knights: the biggest complain I get about Solamnia from the other clans is that… well… we are boring here, we don’t chat as much as the other two clans and humor seems to be elusive, let’s make an effort on that side, please 🙂

Wars have become a problem, we lost way too many because of inactive. We tried to be nice by giving warning before starting a war and even by creating a fourth clan “Heroes Rest” for those who need a break from the game, but inactive are still there. This situation will no longer be tolerated, if you cannot participate in a war go to the rest clan (no donations necessary there). If a war is declared and you miss it, you will get a mark, after 3 unexcused marks you will be banned from all clans. Seriously guys, is it worth losing your friends and disappointing them when we are doing all we can to help each other? No, right?

Finally, the following people need to move up to Solamnia right now:
Dev, Hades, Mann, Blinky, Chuck Norris1/2, Xaril

The following people need to move up to Pax Tarkas right now:
SammieBeamen, Connor, Luna, Kuzeed, FeaineWed, Brosef, Killer2001, Santafe, Mumin
Those are your new clans

Any question, please post here, thank you!


PS: … ok, maybe the update wasn’t as quick as I thought it would be 🙂

The Little Clan that Could…

Once upon a time… ok, it was only about 20 months ago but it feels a lot longer… 12 brave individuals found each other in a clan, but nobody donated there except them, not even the leader! One of them, RideWyoming (that’s me, by the way) decided that it was time to leave, but he really liked some of his clan mates and didn’t want to lose them, so one day (it was actually a very cold and snowy night) he gathered them all up together and asked them to join him in finding a new home. Before leaving he gave each one of them a special stone, a magical stone that would allow them to stay in touch even at great distances, it was called the Stone of Ema-il. He searched and searched but no place seemed to be good enough until one sunny but chilly morning he arrived on an empty space surrounded by trees on three sides and a big lake on the other. He couldn’t believe his eyes, this looked exactly like the place he saw in his dreams. He also dreamt of building a clan so big and powerful that all other clans would fear. First he built a shack and improved on it, he called it a Taun-Hol, and he named this new land Solamnia. He used the magic stone to call his friends: the Giant Daithoden, the joyful and loyal Kender Dev, the Rock Monster Nero, the Fire Breather Fitz, the Invisible SZ and a few other and they set off to their new home. They were now the Knights of Solamnia. At first it was hard, with the twelve of them only to keep company and donate troops. New people would come but they wouldn’t stay long as they didn’t see the potential that the Knights saw, and for 3 months the number remained at 12. But things started to brighten up and, thanks to the recruiting efforts of the Giant Daithoden, the clan grew and grew and grew until one day the population reached the magical number of 50.

Stay tuned for another chapter in the Story of Solamnia