War #9, DRAW!!! (Record 7 – 1 – 1)

This war against ‘Khmer Style’ surprisingly ended in a draw 43 – 43.  At the last minute, Blinky, starving, bleeding, limping on one leg, attacked against the odds, and the king made what looked to be an improbable B line right towards the TH to get our clan an unlikely two stars ending our war in a draw instead of a loss as many were expecting at the end.  I was floored Blinky!  U DA MAN!

On another note, everyone attacked twice, which we are very thankful for, except Abdullah.  Abdullah is MIA.  We will be conducting a search and rescue operation immediately.  We will stop at nothing to find and rescue him.  However, rumour has it, his mother confiscated his phone.  If that’s the case, you are on your own Abdullah.  We don’t mess with mom.  Abdullah, you must still declare your love for Justin Bieber.

007 award goes to no one because no one could spy.

Golden Warrior award goes to Baba for getting six stars in war!  You rock baba!

Silver Warrior award goes to Fynn, Hades, AA, Dark Night, Viking for getting at least one three star attack.

Deadly Defender award goes to Chief, Honey (3), Baba, Viking, Hades for successfully defending your base at some point in the war.  Props to Fynn for being too intimidating to attack.

Note on strategy:  It’s really important that the bottom 75% of players use their first attack right away.  That will then give other players a good idea as to where they need to fill in the gaps.  Similarly, top players should not hold on to both attacks until the end.  That creates a domino effect of other top players not being able to attack.  Top players should use their first attack shortly after many have attacked.  It’s always hard to judge, but I was thinking that some of us attacked some opponents who were too low, while others attacked opponents who were too high.  Don’t go too low or two high.  An attack too high is a wasted attack.  An attack too low takes attacks away from our fellow lower players.  Don’t overthink too much as sometimes at the end you need to throw this logic out the window and do whatever you have to do to win.  Also, good job, giving and receiving advice guys.

Clash on!  YAAAAAA!


Mega War is Coming !!

Set your Calendar!! On Thursday September 4th we will start the Mega War in Solamnia At War (SAW). What makes this war different? It will be a full clan, 50 of our members from Solamnia, Pax Tarkas and Xak Tsaroth will fight together to reach 100 battles and 150 stars!! We will allow members to join SAW up to (but no more) than 24 hours before war starts. You must be at least elder to fight in war.

Mega War is scheduled to start Thursday September 4th at 8pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles) and current members can join SAW starting Sept. 3rd, 8pm Pacific Time.
Since most of us live in a different time zone than North America Pacific here is a convenient website that allows you to convert the war time zone to the one you live in:


It’s easy to use, do this:
In the first line “Select time and place to convert from
Set it to Sept. 4th 2014, 20/8pm
Location: Click on the “Time Zones” button and in the new window option 1 choose “PDT – Pacific Daylight Time North America”

Below, in the option “Select places to convert to” choose your Time Zone or the City you live in, for example, I’m going to type Beirut and choose the result Beirut, Lebanon

Click on “Convert Time”

The result in the new page will be:

Beirut, Lebanon  Friday, September 5, 2014 at 6:00:00 AM

So, the war will start when in Beirut is the time shown right above here.
If you have questions ask one of the co-leaders.

Let’s Clash!

War #8, Loss #1 :( Can’t win them all.

We were defeated by treeslayerz 45 – 53.  On a very positive note, we received 100% participation, which is something to congratulate ourselves on!  Our high participation has won us some wars in the past, but not this time.

We’ve got a lot of good things going for us, but I notice that the vast majority of the time in wars in Solamnia and SAW, we seem to always average less stars per attack then our enemy.  This could mean that many of us have poor attacking strategies for some reason.  If that is you, allow someone to coach you or check out some better attacking strategies online or on youtube.  We need to improve in this area.

I want to acknowledge Hades for donating the vast majority of the war castle troops.

007 award goes to Angel.  You rock my world!  Abdullah messed things up by spying when he was in the war and got caught!  Please don’t spy if you are in the war.  Let someone outside the war do the spying.

Gold Warrior Award goes to Dev, Flames for getting six starts.  You guys are my knight and shinning armor.  We want to be like you!

Silver Warrior Award goes to Pixy, Hades, AA, $lbuu$, Baba, Abdullah for getting one 3 star attack. You guys rock the kazbar!  There should be more guys on this list.  🙁

Deadly Defender goes to Blinky, Viking Max for defending at some point in the war.

Most heroic attack goes to Pixy.  Most heroic defense goes to Viking Max.  

Noe is the gatekeeper.  Next war is Monday.  Peace out!





The great migration

Thank you to all those who moved and please move to all those who haven’t I appreciate all of your help and patience with the transition I hope everything works out well. We need to continue to move as we level up so that the clans can grow. Please direct all new members to our website so that the can stay informed,and please let all new members know that they are part of a group of clans fighting for a common goal.  Thanks again to all of those who moved up from Xak to Pax

Sincerely BC

War #7, Win #7, The ultimate nailbitter

Wowee! What a ride of emotions throughout this war, with an incredible ending.  These guys came out strong and fought hard getting 7 stars in the opening few minutes and maintaining the lead until the very end.  At one point, I believe we were 11 stars behind.  But we kept on attacking, and one star after another, we finally took the lead 47 – 46 in the final two minutes left in the war!  Although the final attack was amazing, it really was a team effort to make this happen.  Good job everyone on giving and receiving advice from each other.  Average destruction was 86.5%.

007 Award goes to no one because no one spied for us.

Gold Warrior Award goes to Fynn, Kurgan for getting six stars each in this war.  Way to be guys!

Silver Warrior Award goes to Pixy, Blinky, Hades, Achilles, Phoenix, Kuzeed, Dark Night, Andrew for getting three stars on one of their attacks.  You guys rock my world!

Deadly Defender Award goes to Hades (3), Phoenix, Fynn, for successfully defending their base at some point in the war.  Props to Ride for being too amazing to attack.  Yeah baby!!!

Those who must passionately declare their love for Justin Bieber in the clan chat line are Luna (1), Brinknvb (2) for missing attacks.  Demotions may be in order at Rides’ discretion.  Guys, don’t join SAW if you will not use attacks.  Both attacks need to be used no matter what.  “Baby baby oh, its like baby baby oh….”

Our condolences go out to Ride for not emptying his clan castle before war ended.  As a result, he won no loot.  Our prayers are with you and your family.  :,( Very sad!

Remember to say what clan you are from when you are coming to SAW.

Congrats on the win!  YAAAAA

Next war search begins Monday, 7 pm Pacific pending Ride’s approval.  Check in before start time.


War #6, Win #6

Sorry Guys.  A little late with this update.  Congrats on win 6 a few days ago!  Score was 20 – 16 against clan Hippo Co.

007 award goes to Abdullah!

Golden Warrior award goes to no one.  No one got six stars in war.

Silver Warrior award goes to Dev, Feaine, AAIIB, Abdullah for getting at least one 3 star attack.

Deadly Defender award goes to Noe for being the only one with a successful defense giving up no stars.

The Ferocious Fever award goes to Dev for still attacking with a fever of a 105!  You rock my world Dev!

For some reason, we always have one or two who are missing attacks.  This is unacceptable guys.  Don’t war with SAW if you will not use two attacks no matter what.

Clash on!  YAAAAA!


Clan Movement

I hope you have taken the time out to come to this site and read these posts.  For those who don’t I can help you no further. Again anyone level 40 and below need to be in Xak Tsaroth anyone level 40 -70 needs to be in or move to Pax Tarkas asap. Anyone level 70 or higher need to be in or move to Solamnia. I have met more than a little resistance in my endeavor to get everyone to move to appropriate clans. Please understand that this is not a form of punishment. We need everyone to be in there appropriate clan so that we can continue to grow. I have asked that this move be completed by Monday. As follows is a list of members that need to move and where they need to go to. Please remember to put in your join request where you are coming from so that you can be promoted to the appropriate status in the new clan. Members that need to move to Solamnia and Pax Tarkas are as follows below.

1.Raman Bains  and aldair12:) I need you two to move to Solamnia by monday

2.Lululemon46y – Flames 305 – Mishwaky – broken stool – Skorpian – king etta2 – Henry – Rahul – Jair Martinez – Bdan – Arkhael – Xhuljano – Caleb – Sunny Sivia – Jasper – Popy Mour – Boats and Hoes – Honey – tbobak – Nonnie – Sethjrocks –  All of you need to move to Pax Tarkas by monday

3. Mann if you will agree to I would like to stay here for about 1 month as leader and then I will rotate myself or someone else back through.

I would greatly appreciate everyones help and consideration in this matter please do as I have asked without minimum amount of fuss. Again this needs to be done for all of our clans to grow and continue to progress.

Sincerely Thank you Bryan Loveday (bcloveday)

Please go to the appropriate clan

If you are level 40 or below you need to be in Xak Tsaroth. Level 40-70 you need to be in PaxTarkas. Level 70 and above you need to be in Solamnia.

Please follow these guidelines as it is almost impossible to police all of the clans. The guidelines are there for a reason so that we can build each clan from the others and we can’t grow if we don’t move up as was planned.

SAW WAR #5, WIN #5!

Once again, SAW has come out on top with a close 45 – 41 victory!  Undefeated!  YAAAAA!  Our 100% participation this time around was a very significant factor in this win once again.  Keep it up guys!

The 007 Award goes to Angel for spying on our enemy bases and gettting screen shots of all bases.  Way to be Angel!

The Gold Warrior Award goes to $Ibuu$ for getting 6 stars in this war.

The Silver Warrior Award goes to Pixy, Fynn, Blinky, Hades, Kurgan, BC, Jetty Plane, Abdullah, Baba for getting at least one 3 star attack each.

The Deadly Defender Award goes to Ride, Pixy, Baba, BC, AA, Noe who for at least one defence did not give up any stars.  Props to Ride and Pixy who gave up nothing for the entire war after an actual enemy attack on their bases.

45 – Score – 41

32 – Attacks Won – 24

40 – Attacks Used – 31

82.5% – Average Destruction – 81.4%

11 Three Stars, 6 Two Stars, Daithoden received most heroic attack, AA received most heroic defense.

BC will be the gatekeeper.

A word of advice:  Guys, we are getting much better at working together and I notice we are getting much smarter with our attacks.  It feels great to be organized, disciplined, working well, and attacking smart together.  However, in my opinion, we wasted a few attacks by trying to get stars on their top three.  That was disappointing.  I almost should have group messaged all not to attack top three.  If one of their players was active and attacking well, we could have lost the war for this reason.  We need to fight every war to the end as if we are not sure what the outcome will be.  Not as a rule, but as a recommendation, people should not really be attacking opponents higher than those Ride and Pixy attack, unless you know for certain you have an attack that will work.  Every situation is different.  The principle is attack smart.  Don’t throw your attacks away.

Clash on and YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by PIXY

War #4, Victory #4

Yes friends, SAW has once again proved its worth. This time we faced a pretty tough clan, they had strong bases and filled all their war castles… but we showed them!

Unfortunately we missed one attack, which hindered our goal of reaching 100% participation, but we finished the war with a very honorable 98% participation, as a matter of fact that was the very reason why we won. The enemy started getting 3 stars right away with their first 3 attacks while we attacked 8 times but only got 9 stars, but our commitment of fighting every battle and the untouchable defenses in our top bases allowed us to quickly moved ahead, one attack after another, relentlessly. While the enemy slowed down we kept attacking and we kept gaining stars… so here are a few fun numbers:

We Won 59 – 48
We won 39 attacks, they won 23
We used 49 attacks, they used 28 (as I said, at the end participation is what makes or breaks a war)
We had 14 attacks gaining 3 stars (Pixy 2, Ffynn, Blinky, Bukie, FeaineWed, Brightblade 2, $ibuu$, Mumin, Dark Knight 64, Brosef, SammieBeamen, Babalookan). Wonderful Job guys!!
and 8 gaining 2 stars
Our average destruction went up again to a wonderful 93.3%, while the enemy’s was down to 80.2%
We had an average attack duration of 2min. 15sec. similar to their 2min 13sec
Babalookan once again had the most heroic attack, SammieBeamen had the most heroic defense.
Pixy will be the Keeper for this round, we expect next war to start Monday 4th 7pm Pacific Time. You are welcome to visit SAW to watch attack replays, but please don’t stay more than an hour, after that return to your clan. In the request please write “Checking attack replays”

See you later friends and remember: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE STARS !!  YAAAAA !!!!!