War in Solamnia

As we temporarily put Solamnia at War to rest, wars have resumed in Solamnia. The first war in a long time just ended with a victory, our final score was 60 – 42 against the Clan French Kiss.
Only 43 attacks were used of the 70 available, which is not good. We need to do better guys.
N’taressa had the most heroic attack, and trust me, it was fun to watch. If you haven’t head to Solamnia’s war log to watch the replay before it disappears.
Ă€Hickle had the most heroic defense, unfortunately he didn’t use any of his attacks.

A new war was started (against my will) right after this one. You co-leaders, please do not start wars without checking with me first. Sometimes we need to warn or kick the inactive before starting a new war.