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October 16, 2014
After being with us for over a year we say goodbye to Pax Tarkas, our intermediate change.
I won’t deny that this was a hard decision for me to take, but after listening to the comments of many of our clan members who thought 3 clans were too many I was left with no other choice than to close Pax Tarkas. The choice at that point was to end either Xak Tsaroth or Pax Tarkas and the obvious choice would have been Xak Tsaroth, but several reasons including the war record of Xak as well as, I’ll sheepishly admit my mistake, the mispelling of Pax which should have always been Tharkas lead me to that choice. Don’t despair, this is not a permanent closure, one day we will be numerous enough again to need a second feeder and that day Pax Tarkas, or rather Pax Tharkas will return. For now, remember Solamnia is what you want to aspire to be a part of. We are in the middle of Trophy Push week, get as many trophies as you can and see where we stand in the overall roster.

On the bright side I’m glad to announce the appointment to Co-Leader of Abdullah and Lord Slayer. Please congratulate them when you cross them.


May 12, 2014
Please pass your congratulations to our new Clan Co-Leaders:
Angel, $Ibuu$, BCLoveday, Hades, Aa1lb. They will assume their new roles effective immediately.

April 21, 2014
New Feature: Upload Images
Comments can now be accompanied by images. I created a new page (Gallery) where we can upload screenshots and such.

April 21, 2014
New Feature: Forums!
Now we have a forum for each clan, plus places to discuss strategy and anything else

April 20, 2014
Happy Easter and Welcome to our family Xak Tsaroth, our newest clan!

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    • Yes! The feature was not available when the website was created and was added later. To crate an account go to the Home Page and check the option on the bottom of the right side bar.

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