A word about Clan Wars…

I’ve been reading around the Clash of Clans forums and their Facebook page and I see mixed feeling about the Clan Wars: some love them, some hate them. Some old time members left a clan because they didn’t like to go to war, other clans kicked out longtime members for the same reasons. Clan wars can be tough but I think when we all play they bring us together. It’s not a big effort, but it is a bit of an effort nonetheless. You need to fight 2 battles in a 24 hours span. What’s the big deal? None right?
We have been discussing strategies a lot but most members in all clans are missing it. We get together in the clan chat and decide who attacks who, it makes it more fun and increases our chances to win. So if you don’t usually do it, why not stop by, say hi and talk war? Ultimately our clans are all about long term standing, we aim to become the #1 Clan among all. If you love this idea then be active, if you don’t and you’re in Solamnia perhaps you are better off in another of our two clans or perhaps it’s time to say goodbye. Clash of Clans was always about clans and it takes a team work attitude to play, if this is not you perhaps it’s better for you to play on your own outside of a clan; but if this is you, we are working hard together to have fun and get stronger and kick some enemy clans butt.

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  1. ” i try to slow my heart down and breath the fire out of my lungs. My muscles make me a thousand promises of pain to come”

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