About bcloveday

42 y/I male COC geek and proud father of supergurl co-leader of Solamnia a wonderful clan and even more wonderful group of people

Guidelines for opting members in or out of war

The following guidelines must be adhered to when starting a war. Please follow them in turn, this will hopefully prevent any hurt feelings and take personal feelings out of the equation.

1. Opt out anyone that did not use both attacks in previous war
2. Any new members
3. Elders
4. Coleaders
5. Anyone that has not attacked recently enough to be in a league


The great migration

Thank you to all those who moved and please move to all those who haven’t I appreciate all of your help and patience with the transition I hope everything works out well. We need to continue to move as we level up so that the clans can grow. Please direct all new members to our website so that the can stay informed,and please let all new members know that they are part of a group of clans fighting for a common goal.  Thanks again to all of those who moved up from Xak to Pax

Sincerely BC

Clan Movement

I hope you have taken the time out to come to this site and read these posts.  For those who don’t I can help you no further. Again anyone level 40 and below need to be in Xak Tsaroth anyone level 40 -70 needs to be in or move to Pax Tarkas asap. Anyone level 70 or higher need to be in or move to Solamnia. I have met more than a little resistance in my endeavor to get everyone to move to appropriate clans. Please understand that this is not a form of punishment. We need everyone to be in there appropriate clan so that we can continue to grow. I have asked that this move be completed by Monday. As follows is a list of members that need to move and where they need to go to. Please remember to put in your join request where you are coming from so that you can be promoted to the appropriate status in the new clan. Members that need to move to Solamnia and Pax Tarkas are as follows below.

1.Raman Bains  and aldair12:) I need you two to move to Solamnia by monday

2.Lululemon46y – Flames 305 – Mishwaky – broken stool – Skorpian – king etta2 – Henry – Rahul – Jair Martinez – Bdan – Arkhael – Xhuljano – Caleb – Sunny Sivia – Jasper – Popy Mour – Boats and Hoes – Honey – tbobak – Nonnie – Sethjrocks –  All of you need to move to Pax Tarkas by monday

3. Mann if you will agree to I would like to stay here for about 1 month as leader and then I will rotate myself or someone else back through.

I would greatly appreciate everyones help and consideration in this matter please do as I have asked without minimum amount of fuss. Again this needs to be done for all of our clans to grow and continue to progress.

Sincerely Thank you Bryan Loveday (bcloveday)

Please go to the appropriate clan

If you are level 40 or below you need to be in Xak Tsaroth. Level 40-70 you need to be in PaxTarkas. Level 70 and above you need to be in Solamnia.

Please follow these guidelines as it is almost impossible to police all of the clans. The guidelines are there for a reason so that we can build each clan from the others and we can’t grow if we don’t move up as was planned.

Congratulations solamnia on war win

We had much better participation in this venture which is what helped secure a solid victory. We still did not have 100% attack usage which is something we will need if we are going to continue winning. For those who did not use both attacks please do so in the future. and for those who didn’t attack at all please leave during wars if you know you won’t be able to participate. We will need your help to carry people like me who failed to produce even one star. I assure you I am working on my troops and strategies to improve. Congratulations and thanks again to all.

PS please move your clan castles inside prior to war we give up stars for little effort if we don’t

War Participation

Please evaluate your bases for strength of defense. You can Google base designs for your town hall level to get ideas, there are thousands of them out there.
Please do this ASAP, we need to make sure that this is done so if an opponent gets stars on us in a war those are earned and not given away by us.
Please do not leave TH outside of defensive walls it costs u greatly when this is done.

If you are not going to be able to participate in an upcoming war please leave and visit Pax Tarkas or Xak Tsaroth at least until the war has started. This will help a lot and please use both of your attacks when at war. I would like to see us institute a check in system through the website prior to wars and work it so that if you are not active and don’t respond within an appropriate amount of time to war notices you are kicked from the clan on a temporary basis with a message telling you that you are welcome back as soon as war has started. That way we can ensure 100% participation hopefully without causing discord among our clan. Please check the website, Line, and clan mail daily for messages and updates. Thank You!