Want to be a Co-Leader?



Solamnia and Pax Tarkas are in need of a few Co-Leaders. Do you think you have what it takes to lead your clan? If you do and you’re interested in the position please send a letter of intent to RideWyoming (email address in the contact page) stating why this position is important and what does the clan mean to you. Why do you like your clan, how would the whole clan benefit from you being a co-leader and what would you do to improve your clan.
Please put [Solamnia] Co-Leader Request in the subject line

Applicants must:
Be knowledgeable of the Clans Rules and War Strategy
Be an Elder
Have been in the clan for a while and have earned the respect of clanmates
Be active!
Be willing to help everyone and lead by example

Co-Leader status can be revoked at any time. Once promoted Co-Leaders can, if they desire, get a personalized email address like   [name]@solamnia.info

The deadline for applications is Saturday May 9th.

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