if anyone needs to reach us please use this email:
email hades_email


Feel free to post screenshots there or pics of you showing the rest of the clan the city/place where you live. It’s a good place to share things.

Line Chat is our main communication app. We keep two chatrooms in the app “Line” for all clans: “Elders” and “All”. If you’re discussing something that could help everyone please use “All”.
We are NOT creating separate chatrooms for Pax Tarkas and Xak Tsaroth because we want to get to know everyone, independently of which clan they currently belong to.

If you don’t have Line yet please install it in your phone or on your Windows computer and ask your clan mates to join as well. Other than those chatrooms Line also allows for private chat and messaging between members.
The app is available on Android, iOS, Windows phones and there’s even a Windows Desktop version. Once installed please register with the same name you use in the clan as it will make it easier for everyone to know who you are, then do a search by ID for RideWyoming. I will add you to the clan chatrooms once I get the request.

Line App Links:



Windows Phone:

Windows Desktop:

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  1. Does this come to you only or to everyone and do you have any idea why line might be having a problem downloading

    • This is my personal email specifically for Clan related stuff. I don’t know why Line is not downloading, as long as the app store in Apple, Google or Windows (whichever you’re using) are working there shouldn’t be any problem.

    • WhatsApp just started supporting chatroom, when we started using Line a year ago it was the only one to do that and some of us already had it because of chatrooms for other games. Never heard of BBM until today. Since we have about 30 members using Line now, we will keep using it for now. In the future we might change.

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