Last wars…

All our clans won their last war and ended them almost at the same time. We saw a net increase in participation in Solamnia which was able to crash its opponent with an astounding 63-6 which was an all time record for Solamnia both in terms of stars as well as battles fought (47 attacks used).

Pax Tarkas’ victory was very tight, our middle clan won by 1 star only with a result of 47-46. This fact alone should tell you how important it is for all attacks to be used. One less attack and we would have lost.

Unsurprisingly our youngest clan, Xak Tsaroth, won again taking home their 20th victory! Their score was 68 – 16. It’s a considerable drop from the 110 stars they are used to get but we had many members promoted up to Pax Tarkas.

We, the leadership, have made considerable efforts to maximize the attacks and diminish the no-show, like giving enough warnings before the war starts and creating Heroes Rest, a clan where you can move to if you want to skip a war, but all of you need to do your part or the only instrument we will have left will be punishment for not participating. I prefer to reward and acknowledge a good behavior, but we are getting really close to not having options left. From now on not participating in a war will be considered same as not donating, you know the consequences. I heard people complaining that in a war they are wasting resources. Well, if we lose then the entire clan wasted resources because of a few individuals. How should some of us feel, after donating 40 or 50 level 5 wizards to fill war castles and losing the war because YOU decided it’s not worth your time? What kind of loyalty is yours toward the clan? The same clan that keeps your caste full?

This is a game of loyalty, it really boils down to that, we have to help each other so please do your part as we keep growing and build the best clan ever.
But for now, let’s celebrate our week victories…



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