Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Hello Clan Members,

first of all I want to wish a Happy Holiday season to all of you, and may the New Year bring you happiness, good health and lots of war victories 🙂
And speaking of… Solamnia has been doing really well with wars recently, the Mirror Strategy is working well. We are halfway to become a level 6 clan and with that some new good perks.

Recently I moved everybody from Xak Tsaroth to Solamnia as I intended to grow our main clan as well as start Xan Tsaroth afresh with new recruits. Shayshay (Mr. Potato) and Tobie stayed behind to help me with that task. They are now co-leaders in Xak Tsaroth.

On the bigger picture we have tweaked some of thew rules, especially war rules, in Solamnia and I will give you an update on that soon. It’s nothing big, just a couple of changes and enforcement of old rules to make sure we help us get more.

I hope you are all enjoying the new update, remember to keep an eye on our facebook page for Game Updates and funny game videos 🙂

Happy Holidays!


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