Clan Rules

Latest Revision: October 08, 2014

Elder Status is given ONLY to those members who have shown loyalty to our Clans. Loyalty is shown by donating generously ( we don’t set an exact amount but we like to see our members donate whenever there’s a request ), being an active member (reading and writing in the chat) and having been a member of the clan(s) for a certain amount of time (sometimes as little as one week if donations are good, longer if donations are not so good).

Co-Leader status is given to those people who have shown over and over that they deserve the entire clan loyalty and respect and who have gone above and beyond to help each and every clan member. This is to be considered a management position, hard work is expected to maintain harmony in the clan, to promote its growth and to lead by example. A written request to become co-leader will need to be forwarded to current leaders. The request needs to state why one think they should get the job, and how the clan would improve because of them. Make it fun, too!

Both statuses can be revoked at any time for a number of reasons: (these are just a few examples) such as Rude behavior toward any clan member, Lacking donations (bad ratio, leeching, etc.),  Prolonged amount of time away from the Clan without advance notice (i.e.: if you need to leave the clan for a week or two, let someone know, and we will keep you in or move your account to “Heroes Rest, our inactive clan). Status can be reinstated if actions are corrected. Past history will be taken into consideration as well.

Rude Behavior: Conflict and disagreement can happen, but let’s keep it civilized. If you do something wrong: Apologize! Don’t wait for a leader to tell you to do it.

KICKING: nobody is to be kicked out of the clan without an explanation. Our clan motto is “Est Sularus Oth Mithas” it means My Honor Is My Life. We will try to correct the situation. This also means that warning are to be issued directly to that person. We will do all we can to communicate with the clan member at fault. Leaving a message in the chatroom is not enough, we don’t know if that person has read the message. With so many of us, we will find the person we need to talk to and ask for the reasons behind their behavior.If, after repeated attempts to communicate, the behavior at fault has not changed then kicking is allowed, but an explanation will be politely given in the text box with an invitation to come back if behavior changes.
For example: “Go away leech!” is not allowed. Instead: “You have not donated enough for a long time. You can come back if you decide to donate properly”

A Promotion is a praise, a Demotion is a punishment. Nobody should take a demotion as an insult. If anyone gets demoted (from Co-leader to Elder, or Elder to non-elder) that person should not be mad, but work his or her way back up. A demotion can last as little as one day or as long as that person will prove to have earned the promotion again. Promotions will be given according to Clan rules, same as demotions (no demotion is to be given as a personal vendetta or it will be considered rude behavior and that person will be demoted in turn)

All co-leaders and Elders in good standing from Solamnia are required to pay a visit to Pax Tarkas and Xak Tsaroth at least once a month.Why? Because when we created Pax Tarkas we promised we would help our younger clan with stronger troops (and you guessed it!), Est Sularus Oth Mithas, we keep our promises.  The visit can be as short as one hour or as long as the clan member wishes. Members of Pax Tarkas and Tsak Tsaroth who meet the Trophies requirement are also welcome to come visit Solamnia, although their visit cannot be longer than a day. So if you’re in Pax Tarkas and want to drop by Solamnia just to get a few dark troops or level 6 giants come on in! Members from Tsak Tsaroth are welcome too. Members of Pax Tarkas are required to visit Tsak Tsaroth under the same rules that apply to members of Solamnia.

Permanent members of Solamnia are Knights, the Knights of Solamnia. If you are in the other two clans work hard to earn the title, we are here for the long run.

Line Chat: we will keep two chatrooms in the app “Line” as they are now for both clans: Elders and All. If you’re discussing something that could help everyone please use All. We are NOT creating separate chatrooms for Pax Tarkas and Tsak Tsaroth because we want to get to know everyone, independently of which clan they currently belong to.

Thank you, and may the odds ever be in your favor when you go loot! 🙂

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  1. I’ve read and understood! (Sorry it’s been a long time, just came back home & got internet connection).

  2. Hi! I love this page! Im the Leader of Plush Pippin, Captain. I was woundering if i could bend your ear about this website? I think my clan could enjoy and use a tool like this. We have a face book page and group but i would love to get a web like this going. Can you email me back please. Thanks, Strength & Honor

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