SAW WAR #5, WIN #5!

Once again, SAW has come out on top with a close 45 – 41 victory!  Undefeated!  YAAAAA!  Our 100% participation this time around was a very significant factor in this win once again.  Keep it up guys!

The 007 Award goes to Angel for spying on our enemy bases and gettting screen shots of all bases.  Way to be Angel!

The Gold Warrior Award goes to $Ibuu$ for getting 6 stars in this war.

The Silver Warrior Award goes to Pixy, Fynn, Blinky, Hades, Kurgan, BC, Jetty Plane, Abdullah, Baba for getting at least one 3 star attack each.

The Deadly Defender Award goes to Ride, Pixy, Baba, BC, AA, Noe who for at least one defence did not give up any stars.  Props to Ride and Pixy who gave up nothing for the entire war after an actual enemy attack on their bases.

45 – Score – 41

32 – Attacks Won – 24

40 – Attacks Used – 31

82.5% – Average Destruction – 81.4%

11 Three Stars, 6 Two Stars, Daithoden received most heroic attack, AA received most heroic defense.

BC will be the gatekeeper.

A word of advice:  Guys, we are getting much better at working together and I notice we are getting much smarter with our attacks.  It feels great to be organized, disciplined, working well, and attacking smart together.  However, in my opinion, we wasted a few attacks by trying to get stars on their top three.  That was disappointing.  I almost should have group messaged all not to attack top three.  If one of their players was active and attacking well, we could have lost the war for this reason.  We need to fight every war to the end as if we are not sure what the outcome will be.  Not as a rule, but as a recommendation, people should not really be attacking opponents higher than those Ride and Pixy attack, unless you know for certain you have an attack that will work.  Every situation is different.  The principle is attack smart.  Don’t throw your attacks away.

Clash on and YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by PIXY

7 thoughts on “SAW WAR #5, WIN #5!

  1. Well said Pixy. Everyone has been working hard and doing an amazing job, I’m proud of all of you.
    As per the attack to the top players I have to claim responsibility for that. I did say that if we were close to the end and we were enough ahead people could try to one star the top player so to get some decent bonus for themselves. I guess I should have specified what “enough ahead” means 🙂
    This was a strong clan, your skills (and Angel’s ninja skills) helped deliver a big punch. Stay tuned for next war, day and time will be announced soon in Line and by Clans’ Message)

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