Solamnia at War (SAW) first war


I’m very excited to announce that Solamnia at War (SAW) first war was a huge success. Not only we won by a landslide with a score of 34 – 20 but we had a 100% participation. That’s right! Every single member used his/her two attacks and that’s the way we like it.
Our average destruction was 86.5%, the enemy’s only 66.8%. We had six 3-stars and Eight 2-stars.
Good job all of you who fought and won this first war:
Pixy, Dev, Ffynn, BCloveday, FeaineWed, AA1lb, $Ibuu$, Kuzeed, Dark Knight 64, Abdullah, Jetty Plane 12, SammieBeamen, Noe, ChiefGu$$yWu$$y… and me 🙂

Keep up the Good Job!


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