SAW’s War #3

We are definitely up to a good start with the 3rd War in Solamnia at War. Another Victory for us. Participation was again very high, although we did not achieve 100% because of one single attack.

Victory was achieved with a score of 39-24. This enemy (BlackOp’s) was a very confident clan at first but their motivation dropped as our clan went on an attack after another bringing home lots of stars. Our average destruction was a very high 92.1%, their was 72.1%.
We had 11 3-star attacks (our highest so far) and 2 two-star attacks. Our average attack was 2 minutes and 7 seconds, almost one full minute less than allotted time, which means our attacks were swift and deadly.
Babalookan had both the most heroic attack and most heroic defense. Good job Baba!

Next war will be Wednesday July 30th, 8pm Pacific Time. Hope to see many of you there!
REMEMBER: 2 attacks are MANDATORY, penalty Demotion for a month.

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