State of the Clans

barb Hello Clan Mates,

Recently we have face some challenges (and since when is that new?) and some discouragement, but I believe in our clans, I believe in our willingness to improve and I know that together we can find solutions. We will see some more changes in the upcoming weeks, and it is my hope that these changes will help our clans, as well as every clan member, improve.
First of all, I would like to remind you that most conversation about the clans happens in our Line app chatrooms, if you don’t have Line yet this would be a good time to install it. You can find details in the Contact page, scroll to the bottom.
In the Line app we have 3 chatrooms: 1 for all members, 1 for all elders and co-leaders and 1 just for co-leaders. Regardless of which chatroom you use, everyone is welcome to suggest new ideas or strategies. Recently I asked co-leaders to come up with a list of things that we should and should not be doing during a war. There are already several important points and soon I will have that list published here and everyone will be required to follow it. We are losing wars, many wars, and because of that we are losing motivation.

These are the major reason why we are losing:
1) Enemy clan is much stronger than us. We found a solution to this problem and the last two wars have been fair, unfortunately we lost both of them, one because a member did not attack at all. He was kicked and banned for one week.
2) People attack with no strategy. You must pick an enemy, study that base, and design an army that is effective against that base.
3) People attack too high. We are not going for loot, folks. That’s what raids are for. We are going for stars, if we win the war we gain a nice bonus, if we don’t win the war we don’t, doesn’t matter if you attacked #1 and you got one star and that gave you 500,000 bonus. You only get that bonus if we win the war. Some of us spend a considerable amount of resources to make up for those who don’t have proper troops, we easily spend close to 750,000 elixir per war and it’s not fair that we take a major loss at every war, but we still do it because we love our clan, so please attack properly.
4) People attack too low, it’s OK to attack a little lower than your recommend it target but don’t exaggerate. Our less strong members have ¬†nobody left to attack at that point and therefore we lose attacks.
5) Some of our bases are just… well… weak. They get easily 2 or 3 starred and I’ve been asking and asking to redesign those bases. We will not tolerate weak bases anymore. If you need ideas to redesign your base please ask, the more experienced of us will be more than happy to help you come up with a stronger base.

Please keep an eye on the Rules page. Soon I will update it as well as the attack Strategy.

Next war will be tomorrow in Solamnia, please let everybody know!

One last thing, and I hope nobody takes offense in this… we lost a bit track of what we are here for and who we are. I need a stronger management to help me lead the clans and I cannot have too many co-leaders just sitting there waiting for me to do it all. So I decided I will revisit the co-leader requirements (as per rules) and those who don’t meet the requirements will be demoted to elder. This is not a punishment whatsoever so nobody should take it as such. Anyone can still prove themselves and promoted or re-promoted to co-leader. Nothing is definitive.

Ok, that was not the last thing, there is one more:
I’m going to start a contest. I want people to write a post for this website, it can be anything you like, it can be a clan update, an attack strategy, a story about our clans and its members… again, anything you like. Once it’s finished let me know. You all get to vote, and the winner will receive a Google Play or iTunes card worth $10 (with the understanding that you will use it to get gems for your upgrades).
If I get less than 5 articles the contest will be void. But I hope you all participate, this is the time to show your creativity and come up with any story (it can be fun, it can be advice, it can be a reflection, etc.). Don’t worry about making it perfect, it doesn’t need to be, it just need to be good. I will be happy to edit it for you.
Deadline: Saturday, February 28th. Don’t miss it !!

Ready ? Set… GO!


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  1. No, I will post the articles after the deadline. Email them to me here:
    RideWyoming @ solamnia . info (remove spaces, I added them to avoid spam)

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