Mega War is Coming !!

Set your Calendar!! On Thursday September 4th we will start the Mega War in Solamnia At War (SAW). What makes this war different? It will be a full clan, 50 of our members from Solamnia, Pax Tarkas and Xak Tsaroth will fight together to reach 100 battles and 150 stars!! We will allow members to join SAW up to (but no more) than 24 hours before war starts. You must be at least elder to fight in war.

Mega War is scheduled to start Thursday September 4th at 8pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles) and current members can join SAW starting Sept. 3rd, 8pm Pacific Time.
Since most of us live in a different time zone than North America Pacific here is a convenient website that allows you to convert the war time zone to the one you live in:

It’s easy to use, do this:
In the first line “Select time and place to convert from
Set it to Sept. 4th 2014, 20/8pm
Location: Click on the “Time Zones” button and in the new window option 1 choose “PDT – Pacific Daylight Time North America”

Below, in the option “Select places to convert to” choose your Time Zone or the City you live in, for example, I’m going to type Beirut and choose the result Beirut, Lebanon

Click on “Convert Time”

The result in the new page will be:

Beirut, Lebanon  Friday, September 5, 2014 at 6:00:00 AM

So, the war will start when in Beirut is the time shown right above here.
If you have questions ask one of the co-leaders.

Let’s Clash!

SAW’s 2nd War

Second war for Solamnia at War just ended with another victory. We scared the enemy clan right away and ended with a 46 – 22 score. Unfortunately we didn’t obtain a perfect attendance because we had two unknown members who were let in before war started (the rule is we do not let anyone in the war clan unless we know and trust that person to do his/her two attacks) plus one of our own who didn’t fight.
We had 20 members in this war (3 completely inactive).
Our average destruction was pretty high at 85.9%, just a little under last war’s.
This time we had 8 3-stars and 11 2-stars. Definitely an improvement.
Our two most heroic attacks were performed by Ffynn and Babalookan.

Next war is scheduled for Saturday 8pm California time/11pm Eastern (New York).
If you want to battle and commit to two attacks please join before war starts, but not too soon.