Game Update and Clans News

Hello friends,

Xak Tsaroth continues its path of destruction winning the 9th war in a row and well on its way to its 10th. You have been working hard for this achievement, let’s keep it that way.
As a reminder: members of Xak Tsaroth and Solamnia are allowed to visit the other clan but for NO MORE than 2 days in a row and once every two weeks. This helps us keep things balanced without a mass exodus from one clan to another.

Solamnia has been trying to be more active at wars but too many people have opted out. I think this is a little too much, we can’t have a clan where over 50% of the people are opted out of war. We will think on how to approach this problem in the Line Leadership Chatroom, meanwhile try to make yourself available for war. Most likely we will limit how often people can opt out, if people exceed that amount they will automatically opted in and if they miss war they will be considered AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave, meaning not authorized to skip war). Visit this website to find the best android apps and games to play along with your friends online.

As of today RideWyoming will move permanently (until next time) to Xak Tsaroth while Brighblade will take leadership of Solamnia. This will help both clans. Xak Tsaroth will have someone who can donate very high level troops for war and Solamnia will gain a leader that will not bring the level of wars up too much. Ride has been out of war for months trying to keep war levels down but this is affecting this account’s growth too negatively. Any questions please ask, as always. You can post below.  If you like video games you may enjoy casino games on line, for this you can check the info from to learn how to get the best out of these games.

And this is the new update that came out today:
(new stuff like the Treasury and a 5th star)

Mega War is Coming !!

Set your Calendar!! On Thursday September 4th we will start the Mega War in Solamnia At War (SAW). What makes this war different? It will be a full clan, 50 of our members from Solamnia, Pax Tarkas and Xak Tsaroth will fight together to reach 100 battles and 150 stars!! We will allow members to join SAW up to (but no more) than 24 hours before war starts. You must be at least elder to fight in war.

Mega War is scheduled to start Thursday September 4th at 8pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles) and current members can join SAW starting Sept. 3rd, 8pm Pacific Time.
Since most of us live in a different time zone than North America Pacific here is a convenient website that allows you to convert the war time zone to the one you live in:

It’s easy to use, do this:
In the first line “Select time and place to convert from
Set it to Sept. 4th 2014, 20/8pm
Location: Click on the “Time Zones” button and in the new window option 1 choose “PDT – Pacific Daylight Time North America”

Below, in the option “Select places to convert to” choose your Time Zone or the City you live in, for example, I’m going to type Beirut and choose the result Beirut, Lebanon

Click on “Convert Time”

The result in the new page will be:

Beirut, Lebanon  Friday, September 5, 2014 at 6:00:00 AM

So, the war will start when in Beirut is the time shown right above here.
If you have questions ask one of the co-leaders.

Let’s Clash!

SAW’s 2nd War

Second war for Solamnia at War just ended with another victory. We scared the enemy clan right away and ended with a 46 – 22 score. Unfortunately we didn’t obtain a perfect attendance because we had two unknown members who were let in before war started (the rule is we do not let anyone in the war clan unless we know and trust that person to do his/her two attacks) plus one of our own who didn’t fight.
We had 20 members in this war (3 completely inactive).
Our average destruction was pretty high at 85.9%, just a little under last war’s.
This time we had 8 3-stars and 11 2-stars. Definitely an improvement.
Our two most heroic attacks were performed by Ffynn and Babalookan.

Next war is scheduled for Saturday 8pm California time/11pm Eastern (New York).
If you want to battle and commit to two attacks please join before war starts, but not too soon.

Last wars…

All our clans won their last war and ended them almost at the same time. We saw a net increase in participation in Solamnia which was able to crash its opponent with an astounding 63-6 which was an all time record for Solamnia both in terms of stars as well as battles fought (47 attacks used).

Pax Tarkas’ victory was very tight, our middle clan won by 1 star only with a result of 47-46. This fact alone should tell you how important it is for all attacks to be used. One less attack and we would have lost.

Unsurprisingly our youngest clan, Xak Tsaroth, won again taking home their 20th victory! Their score was 68 – 16. It’s a considerable drop from the 110 stars they are used to get but we had many members promoted up to Pax Tarkas.

We, the leadership, have made considerable efforts to maximize the attacks and diminish the no-show, like giving enough warnings before the war starts and creating Heroes Rest, a clan where you can move to if you want to skip a war, but all of you need to do your part or the only instrument we will have left will be punishment for not participating. I prefer to reward and acknowledge a good behavior, but we are getting really close to not having options left. From now on not participating in a war will be considered same as not donating, you know the consequences. I heard people complaining that in a war they are wasting resources. Well, if we lose then the entire clan wasted resources because of a few individuals. How should some of us feel, after donating 40 or 50 level 5 wizards to fill war castles and losing the war because YOU decided it’s not worth your time? What kind of loyalty is yours toward the clan? The same clan that keeps your caste full?

This is a game of loyalty, it really boils down to that, we have to help each other so please do your part as we keep growing and build the best clan ever.
But for now, let’s celebrate our week victories…