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It is with my heart in my hand that I’m writing this.  As you know participating in this game take a little effort. Being a clan Leader takes a lot more effort, and being the Leader of several clans takes a huge effort, something that I have jokingly referred to, on occasions, as a full time job. It is a job I could not do without co-leaders and all players willingness to work toward a common goal. For a while we have seen an overall decay in the quality of this effort by some members of our clans, while other work really hard to help us move forward. I am not willing anymore to reward laziness by keeping these people with us. I admit I have been too lenient in the past, and probably that has lead to the erosion of some of our values but from now on myself, and the co-leaders, need to reward those of you who truly make an effort to be a part of our family.
Clan Wars have changed everything, they have changed the whole game dynamics, but clan wars are here to stay and it doesn’t matter how much you dislike them, they are part of us now. Your effort is to attack twice and get as many stars as possible, it really isn’t a big effort. When you don’t participate you are effectively telling your clan mates that you don’t care if they spent tons of resources to fill War Castles or to create a killing army, same as leeching. It’s unacceptable and we will accept that behavior less and less.
Another point I need to make: if you’re a co-leader it is now MANDATORY to participate in the Leadership chat of the Line app. It’s were we get together and make decision, if you’re not in it you’re missing on our decisions and therefore you cannot keep yourseld and the rest of the clan members updated on what we are doing. If you can’t participate it’s ok, but please step down from co-leader position. It’s not a big deal, co-leader is a position to help our clans. Co-leaders are not better than Elders, they are just busier 🙂

And finally… we decided to make am alternate schedule of wars for Solamnia and Xak Tsaroth so there will always be a war going. So if you love wars you will be able to do that back to back… but there’s more, if you don’t want to war, rather than missing attacks and getting everyone else frustrated (and contributing to us losing) you have now two options:
Option 1) If you think you’ll be inactive for an extended period of time go to Heroes Rest, that’s our resting clan. It’s inactive, no donations necessary, no in-game chat. Once you’re ready return to your official clan (reminder: as of now level 0-69 belong to Xak Tsaroth; level 70+ TH8 at least belong to Solamnia).
Option 2) Jump between our clans before war starts. This way you can be active and not be counted toward war. This option requires you to be active.

Soon we will be publishing the war schedule and this will be permanent in order to avoid confusions.
If you have any comments or questions please write them below. If you haven’t registed here please do that using the same name you use in the game, so I know you’re legit and not some bot/spam.

We all need to work together. The very survival of our clans is at stake.
Solamnia has been alive for nearly 3 years, our goal is still to become #1.
Thank you for your attention, I know this was long…


4 thoughts on “Clans Update

  1. I completely agree with this entire statement. Things in solamnia have been easy going and not much enforcement has been put down lately. Grant it, we all say too people that we don’t accept leaches or freeloaders. But we accept th and let them stay until their ratio is 0:200. In my opinion I think we need to be a no Bullshit call and be stronger on kicking and demotions. Ride you have express how my feel multiple times and a lot of us who loves this clan feel the same way and won’t let this little bump in the road slow us down.

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