War #6, Win #6

Sorry Guys.  A little late with this update.  Congrats on win 6 a few days ago!  Score was 20 – 16 against clan Hippo Co.

007 award goes to Abdullah!

Golden Warrior award goes to no one.  No one got six stars in war.

Silver Warrior award goes to Dev, Feaine, AAIIB, Abdullah for getting at least one 3 star attack.

Deadly Defender award goes to Noe for being the only one with a successful defense giving up no stars.

The Ferocious Fever award goes to Dev for still attacking with a fever of a 105!  You rock my world Dev!

For some reason, we always have one or two who are missing attacks.  This is unacceptable guys.  Don’t war with SAW if you will not use two attacks no matter what.

Clash on!  YAAAAA!


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