War #7, Win #7, The ultimate nailbitter

Wowee! What a ride of emotions throughout this war, with an incredible ending.  These guys came out strong and fought hard getting 7 stars in the opening few minutes and maintaining the lead until the very end.  At one point, I believe we were 11 stars behind.  But we kept on attacking, and one star after another, we finally took the lead 47 – 46 in the final two minutes left in the war!  Although the final attack was amazing, it really was a team effort to make this happen.  Good job everyone on giving and receiving advice from each other.  Average destruction was 86.5%.

007 Award goes to no one because no one spied for us.

Gold Warrior Award goes to Fynn, Kurgan for getting six stars each in this war.  Way to be guys!

Silver Warrior Award goes to Pixy, Blinky, Hades, Achilles, Phoenix, Kuzeed, Dark Night, Andrew for getting three stars on one of their attacks.  You guys rock my world!

Deadly Defender Award goes to Hades (3), Phoenix, Fynn, for successfully defending their base at some point in the war.  Props to Ride for being too amazing to attack.  Yeah baby!!!

Those who must passionately declare their love for Justin Bieber in the clan chat line are Luna (1), Brinknvb (2) for missing attacks.  Demotions may be in order at Rides’ discretion.  Guys, don’t join SAW if you will not use attacks.  Both attacks need to be used no matter what.  “Baby baby oh, its like baby baby oh….”

Our condolences go out to Ride for not emptying his clan castle before war ended.  As a result, he won no loot.  Our prayers are with you and your family.  :,( Very sad!

Remember to say what clan you are from when you are coming to SAW.

Congrats on the win!  YAAAAA

Next war search begins Monday, 7 pm Pacific pending Ride’s approval.  Check in before start time.


One thought on “War #7, Win #7, The ultimate nailbitter

  1. Great post Pixy!
    Yeah guys, with my two attack I had won over 630,000 Elixir and Gold each and another 3000 Dark Elixir and lost it all because my castle was still full of loot… Don’t make that mistake, empty your castle before war starts, or at the very least before war ends.

    Next war will start Tuesday 8pm Pacific, we need one more day to organize. You can start moving to SAW (Solamnia at War) the night before.

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