War #8, Loss #1 :( Can’t win them all.

We were defeated by treeslayerz 45 – 53.  On a very positive note, we received 100% participation, which is something to congratulate ourselves on!  Our high participation has won us some wars in the past, but not this time.

We’ve got a lot of good things going for us, but I notice that the vast majority of the time in wars in Solamnia and SAW, we seem to always average less stars per attack then our enemy.  This could mean that many of us have poor attacking strategies for some reason.  If that is you, allow someone to coach you or check out some better attacking strategies online or on youtube.  We need to improve in this area.

I want to acknowledge Hades for donating the vast majority of the war castle troops.

007 award goes to Angel.  You rock my world!  Abdullah messed things up by spying when he was in the war and got caught!  Please don’t spy if you are in the war.  Let someone outside the war do the spying.

Gold Warrior Award goes to Dev, Flames for getting six starts.  You guys are my knight and shinning armor.  We want to be like you!

Silver Warrior Award goes to Pixy, Hades, AA, $lbuu$, Baba, Abdullah for getting one 3 star attack. You guys rock the kazbar!  There should be more guys on this list.  🙁

Deadly Defender goes to Blinky, Viking Max for defending at some point in the war.

Most heroic attack goes to Pixy.  Most heroic defense goes to Viking Max.  

Noe is the gatekeeper.  Next war is Monday.  Peace out!





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