War #9, DRAW!!! (Record 7 – 1 – 1)

This war against ‘Khmer Style’ surprisingly ended in a draw 43 – 43.  At the last minute, Blinky, starving, bleeding, limping on one leg, attacked against the odds, and the king made what looked to be an improbable B line right towards the TH to get our clan an unlikely two stars ending our war in a draw instead of a loss as many were expecting at the end.  I was floored Blinky!  U DA MAN!

On another note, everyone attacked twice, which we are very thankful for, except Abdullah.  Abdullah is MIA.  We will be conducting a search and rescue operation immediately.  We will stop at nothing to find and rescue him.  However, rumour has it, his mother confiscated his phone.  If that’s the case, you are on your own Abdullah.  We don’t mess with mom.  Abdullah, you must still declare your love for Justin Bieber.

007 award goes to no one because no one could spy.

Golden Warrior award goes to Baba for getting six stars in war!  You rock baba!

Silver Warrior award goes to Fynn, Hades, AA, Dark Night, Viking for getting at least one three star attack.

Deadly Defender award goes to Chief, Honey (3), Baba, Viking, Hades for successfully defending your base at some point in the war.  Props to Fynn for being too intimidating to attack.

Note on strategy:  It’s really important that the bottom 75% of players use their first attack right away.  That will then give other players a good idea as to where they need to fill in the gaps.  Similarly, top players should not hold on to both attacks until the end.  That creates a domino effect of other top players not being able to attack.  Top players should use their first attack shortly after many have attacked.  It’s always hard to judge, but I was thinking that some of us attacked some opponents who were too low, while others attacked opponents who were too high.  Don’t go too low or two high.  An attack too high is a wasted attack.  An attack too low takes attacks away from our fellow lower players.  Don’t overthink too much as sometimes at the end you need to throw this logic out the window and do whatever you have to do to win.  Also, good job, giving and receiving advice guys.

Clash on!  YAAAAAA!


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