War Participation

Please evaluate your bases for strength of defense. You can Google base designs for your town hall level to get ideas, there are thousands of them out there.
Please do this ASAP, we need to make sure that this is done so if an opponent gets stars on us in a war those are earned and not given away by us.
Please do not leave TH outside of defensive walls it costs u greatly when this is done.

If you are not going to be able to participate in an upcoming war please leave and visit Pax Tarkas or Xak Tsaroth at least until the war has started. This will help a lot and please use both of your attacks when at war. I would like to see us institute a check in system through the website prior to wars and work it so that if you are not active and don’t respond within an appropriate amount of time to war notices you are kicked from the clan on a temporary basis with a message telling you that you are welcome back as soon as war has started. That way we can ensure 100% participation hopefully without causing discord among our clan. Please check the website, Line, and clan mail daily for messages and updates. Thank You!

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  1. One more thing: Please ensure that your war castle is also well protected. If you leave it unprotected (too close to walls) the enemy will trigger it easily and lure our troops out to be killed before launching the main attack (as we try to do to them). The good thing for those who usually keep their TH outside is that you only need to get your base ready for war during Preparation Day, once the actual war starts (when we can attack and be attacked) you can put things as you normally have them an they will not influence your war base.

    We are creating a Fourth Clan (YEY!)… This will not be an active clan, but just a parking space for those members that cannot be in a war or need to leave for an extended period of time, for all our clans. Also, Solamnia is now by invitation only with a low Trophy requirement, so those members who leave will be able to return easily. All they have to do is request to join and anyone of the Elders will be able to invite them in. Keep fighting to win! YAAAAAAA!!!!

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