War #4, Victory #4

Yes friends, SAW has once again proved its worth. This time we faced a pretty tough clan, they had strong bases and filled all their war castles… but we showed them!

Unfortunately we missed one attack, which hindered our goal of reaching 100% participation, but we finished the war with a very honorable 98% participation, as a matter of fact that was the very reason why we won. The enemy started getting 3 stars right away with their first 3 attacks while we attacked 8 times but only got 9 stars, but our commitment of fighting every battle and the untouchable defenses in our top bases allowed us to quickly moved ahead, one attack after another, relentlessly. While the enemy slowed down we kept attacking and we kept gaining stars… so here are a few fun numbers:

We Won 59 – 48
We won 39 attacks, they won 23
We used 49 attacks, they used 28 (as I said, at the end participation is what makes or breaks a war)
We had 14 attacks gaining 3 stars (Pixy 2, Ffynn, Blinky, Bukie, FeaineWed, Brightblade 2, $ibuu$, Mumin, Dark Knight 64, Brosef, SammieBeamen, Babalookan). Wonderful Job guys!!
and 8 gaining 2 stars
Our average destruction went up again to a wonderful 93.3%, while the enemy’s was down to 80.2%
We had an average attack duration of 2min. 15sec. similar to their 2min 13sec
Babalookan once again had the most heroic attack, SammieBeamen had the most heroic defense.
Pixy will be the Keeper for this round, we expect next war to start Monday 4th 7pm Pacific Time. You are welcome to visit SAW to watch attack replays, but please don’t stay more than an hour, after that return to your clan. In the request please write “Checking attack replays”

See you later friends and remember: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE STARS !! ¬†YAAAAA !!!!!

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