Xak Tsaroth is now a Level 4 Clan.

Recently Vingaard, Luna, Kuzeed and Tobie offered their help to revive our feeder clan and what a revival that was! We went to 4 to 45 members almost overnight and Xak Tsaroth has resumed waging wars with up to 45 people and winning them too. The last war, with 40 participants and a fairly high attendance, saw Xak grabbing a whopping 120 stars totally annihilating the enemy and placing our clan in the Level 4 mark.
Congratulations and good job!

Meanwhile Solamnia has been fairly steady with some wars won and some lost. For the time being we decided to try and go for as many stars as possible in wars and not a strict mirror strategy and see how that goes. Solamnia is very close to become a Level 6 clan.

Soon RideWyoming will swap places with Brightblade. That was the leader will be able to war again in Solamnia without bringing the enemy clan level up too much.


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